We have a 24/7 Call Center for services provided by HIMA HEALTH Medical Clerks, Fully Bilingual Hostesses and Nurse case management .HIMAHealth assists patients answering all inquiries regarding treatment, setting up appointments including pre and post surgery consultations, formulating personalized all-inclusive medical packages, handling payments, and coordinating all aspects of travel.

    One to One Patient Services Coordination

  • Emergency Services & Transfer Coordination  
  • Physician & Facility Information
  • Coordination of travel arrangements with discount airline and Hotel rates including other amenities.
  • HH Registration &  Clinical Coordination
  • Financial and Insurance  Coordination
  • Complimentary Roundtrip Transportation between Airport and Hospital Facilities.
  • Concierge Assistance by hostesses to appointments, procedures, emergencies , Admissions and Amenities (Welcome Kit and Patient Kit)
  • Discharge Coordination and Follow Up Care with our nurse case manager.

     Patient Coordination Process

  • Contact Patient Representative calling HIMAHEALTH Hotline (1-877-577-5773) or himahealth.com or email himahealth2@himapr.com
  • Within 48 hours an HIMA Health Representative will contact you with HIMA Health information and registration form.
  • Medical Documentation Submission of required medical documents.
  • Case evaluation by HIMAHEALTH MD’s in consultation with referring physician. Case is accepted.
  • As part of patient education, care coordination guidelines are submitted to the patient and referring physicians.
  • Insurance coordination and pricing estimated
  • All travel and lodging arrangements are coordinated.
  • Patient welcomed by HIMAHEALTH concierge representative at airport and hospital.
  • Appointment and Preadmission process
  • Procedure is performed.
  • Post discharge care as established
  • Patient is discharged from hospital or finishes outpatient Treatment.
  • Clearance to Travel to Home Location
  • Follow Up Appointments and Assistance
  • After being authorized to travel, all planned special needs and amenities are set in motion for patient return.
  • HIMAHEALTH personnel contacts patient and referring physician to determine satisfaction level and recovery care coordination guidelines progress.